CalciTech Europe Limited

CalciTech Europe is a UK registered company with operations currently in Germany. 

CalciTech has a European license for rights to a process for transforming waste minerals into a new high value material which can be used in large, stable end markets such as paper, polymers, sealants, paints, inks, and life sciences including food and pharmaceuticals. These markets are also looking to improve the sustainability of their processes by using waste materials that have been recycled to avoid further quarrying and have a lower carbon footprint (eco-minerals).

The new material brings value by: 

  • enabling higher filler loadings that reduce the amount of costly polymers
  • reduced use of costly titanium dioxide and clays
  • increased product performance in terms of whiteness, gloss and opacity
  • increased process efficiencies.

Sustainable Calcium Carbonate (SCC), is produced using a patented process from lime (calcium oxide or hydroxide) and carbon dioxide. The SCC is exceptionally pure and of a unique particle size and shape which bring excellent rheological characteristics as well as the benefits of higher brightness, whiteness, opacity and gloss over existing forms of calcium carbonate. These qualities enable SCC to compete with high priced white minerals such as titanium dioxide, aluminium silicate, calcined clay, and kaolins. This positions SCC above commodity minerals such as Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) and kaolin.